All year long, Cahute workshop welcomes you for technical trainings, in which your production is concrete:

  • Conception of Micro-mobile habitats (two days): Through the common creation of an original model, structural study, materials, sizing, weight management, distribution of charges, certification, autonomous networks and connections to domestic networks
  • Wooden framework: Theory, sizing, assembling study through the making of mock-ups
  • Carpentry: layout and arrangement carpentry: the wood material, the essence and their mechanical proprieties, saw on line, assembly, technical drawings, natural solid wood finish
  • Executions of natural materials and ancient techniques: solid wood in habitat, cooking natural paints, lime and earth coating, honeycomb cardboard in structure and isolation


We park the Tiny house in school playgrounds for half a day or a full day depending on the establishment’s project. The workshop consists in raising environmental awareness through habitat, while using the cabin as a pretext to explore different subjects:

  • Eco-conception and eco-construction
  • Natural products as construction and decoration materials
  • Sedentary pre-industrial habitats
  • Nomad habitats
  • Symbolic houses
  • Domestic pollution
  • The environmental impact of buildings


Twice a year, in fall and in spring, our Tiny houses transform into Tiny studios to hot writers, visual artists and musicians.

Our artistic residencies can last from one to four weeks and offers you the chance to experiment life in a mobile eco-habitat, installed in a natural site or tied to your car. You’ll work in an unusual setting and have the possibility of meeting your audience through workshops and master classes in collaboration with local cultural structures and equipment.