You rent a vehicle to travel with no limits on covered distance. We teach you the functioning of the house, the coupling and uncoupling, and to maneuver during your trips. You will leave with a Cahute Tiny House tied to your car. Enjoy the road.



We bring the Tiny house to you, in your backyard, your field, in your woods, at your pond, and you keep it as long as you wish. Once your renting period is over we bring it back, your land will keep no trace of it (but your memory will).


We are building a network of landowners, essentially small organic farmers, but also individuals and tourism professionals that share our values, in order to offer you stopovers in settings that are as enjoyable as your nomad habitat. We are building. Work in progress. You’ll be the first to know.

All our models are available for rent in all seasons, for your holidays or your temporary hosting needs and events.