Autonomous version – 23.400€

Certified Tiny House Cahute, dry toilets ventilated with separation, clean water 23L and gray water 23L with detachable reservoirs on wheels, hand pumps faucets, ship like cooking table, 12V cooler, AGM 90ah battery, coupler-separator 220V charger, IBOOST and flexible solar panel 100W, entrance and release 220V in front. Excluding decoration (interior white depolluting paint base)

Domestic version – 21.200€

Certified Tiny House Cahute, dry toilets ventilated with separation, domestic distribution of water and electricity with connections and evacuations on the underside of the floor. Induction cooking table, oven, refrigerator, excluding decoration (interior white depolluting paint base)


The certification of the Tiny house guaranties the rolling aspects: such as lighting and frame, but also the conception of the cabin space, the distribution of charges, the compliance of the electric network and ventilation. Therefore, the margins of internal arrangements are limited (but constrains encourage creativity)

You have a say in the equipment, the colors and the interior decorations. We can choose furniture for you and conceive together the interior for it to meet your requirements in style and usage. If you project doesn’t comply to our certification, we offer to study your needs and conceive together a custom made model, then coordinate the individual reception at the DREAL for it certification.

Individual, tourism professional, enterprise or collective, you can get yourself a certified model or conceive with us you custom made Tiny house on it’s way to certification.